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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Etisalat CSR is about how business conducts itself with regards to all its activities which includes operating ethically and fairly in dealing with all stakeholders as well as sustainably impacting the communities in which it operates.

Our CSR Vision

To create a sustainable economic and social impact through limitless reach.

Our CSR Mission

To extend the reach of the Nigerian people by providing socially responsible products and services; enabling sustainable growth through our projects in areas of Leadership, Education, Health and Environment and building meaningful relationships with our stakeholders through engagement - an indication that with optimism and a caring attitude, we can all surpass boundaries.

To View Our CSR Reports
  Click here for 2010 report
Click here for 2011/12 report
Click here for 2013 report

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Etisalat Msc in Telecoms
The MSc in Telecommunications Engineering Programme is a strategic corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative of Etisalat Nigeria launched on 16 May, 2013.It is a pioneer M.Sc. Course in Telecommunications Engineering in Nigeria, to be located in Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) in partnership with Plymouth University UK, Etisalat Academy, UAE; and Huawei. . . . Read more
Adopt-a-School Program
The Adopt–a-School Initiative (ASI) is a Public Private Partnership between Lagos State Government and business organizations in the state. A.S.I is designed to improve the deplorable state of public schools in Lagos by urging corporate bodies to get involved in upgrading public schools through strategic support in areas they choose. . . Read more
Career Counselling for Students
The Career Counselling Scheme, an employee volunteering program is an aspect of the internal CSR of Etisalat which falls under the Adopt-A-School Initiative. Through volunteering program, employees have the opportunity to fulfil their desire of impacting the society positively. . . . Read more
Etisalat Centre for CSR
The concept and practice of CSR is evolving and ways to ensure international best practices are constantly being explored. The need to employ CSR to ensure sustainability is apparent and urgent everywhere in the world but perhaps nowhere more so than in Africa. . . Read more
Etisalat Scholarship Awards
The Etisalat Scholarship Award is a scholarship scheme that offers university students the opportunity to secure a grant towards the completion of their programs such as Electrical Electronics Engineering, Computer Science and Management Studies. . . . Read more


Fight Malaria Initiative
With about 250 million malaria cases and nearly one million deaths which put about 3.3 billion people (half of the world's population) at risk of malaria, our focus on the health platform is on reducing the malaria scourge through the ‘Fight Malaria’ scheme. . . Read more


ECO-SIM cards

As part of our efforts in providing eco-friendly as well as sustainable products and services, Etisalat has partnered with Oberthur to make available innovative SIM packs called ECO SIMs. The new cards have successfully cut in half the amount of plastic waste used for the renewal of a SIM card...Read more

Regional Initiatives

Teacher Training Programme
Etisalat has specially designed initiatives for the different regions in the country. Some of these initiatives cut across the different CSR platforms and focus on capacity building, teacher training, support for students training to become teachers of those with special needs as well as vocational training...Read more